Indoor lighting showrooms vehicles

LED lamp in the form of rails in aluminum profile with opal polycarbonate film, designed for indoor lighting showrooms buses, minibuses, trolleybuses, trams and w / d transport. Light can be used for decorative lighting of the interior, suspended ceilings, lighting for advertising lightboxes.


Светильники для салонов автомобилей
Lamp LED Voltage, U Power, W Dimensions, mm
LLED12-53x50-0,38 DC12 0.38 53x50
LLED12-53x62-0,57 DC12 0.57 53x62
LLED12-106x50-0,76 DC12 0.76 106x50
LLED12-106x62-1,14 DC12 1.14 106x62
LLED12-159x50-1,14 DC12 1.14 159x50
LLED12-159x62-1,71 DC12 1.71 159x62
LLED12-Nx53x50-Nx0,38 DC12 Nx0.38 Nx53x50
LLED12-Nx53x62-Nx0,57 DC12 Nx0.57 Nx53x62
LLED24-125x50-0,87 DC24 0.87 125x50
LLED24-125x62-1,3 DC24 1.3 125x62
LLED24-250x50-1,74 DC24 1.74 250x50
LLED24-250x62-2,6 DC24 2.6 250x62
LLED24-375x50-2,6 DC24 2.6 375x50
LLED24-375x62-3,9 DC24 3.9 375x62
LLED24-Nx125x50-Nx0,87 DC24 Nx0.87 Nx125x50
LLED24-Nx125x62-Nx1,3 DC24 Nx1.3 Nx125x62


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