IR LED DIMMER - Infrared LED dimmer

Infrared LED dimmer switch (controller) is used to adjust the brightness in the lamps, the light source in which the light-emitting diodes, LED strips, etc.

Light control occurs with any remote control with infrared light by pressing any button.

To begin, you must activate robots dimmer, it needs to within 2-3 seconds press any button, then enters the dimmer control. In this dimmer will sound and light signal (1 sec LED lights on the front panel dimmer).

After this short push button to turn on the LED light on or off. Adjust the brightness of the lamp you must click on the remote and hold until the desired brightness configure yourself an LED lamp.

Then, after 2-3 seconds, the dimmer will sound and light signal unit can be used for its intended purpose, to re-activate the dimmer must again press the button for 2-3 seconds and dimmer switch is activated to control the light.


Operating temperature - -20 to +60 ° C
Operating voltage - 12-24V DC
Dimensions - 76 * 58 * 20 mm
Rated load capacity - 50 W
Number of channels - 1 channel
Degree of protection - IP 54


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